Things Are Perfect

“Things are perfect just as they are…”

I once heard some guru say that and I remember feeling anger, fear and confusion. I did not understand how the enslavement and the suffering of billions of people could be perfect or just, or how crooked politicians and tyrants ignoring basic human rights could be anything like perfection.

I have pondered this concept for years looking for this perfection the guru spoke of, and to be honest I thought it was all BS till now.

But recently while making tea it hit me he was right! Everything that is happening is perfect as it is. What I mean is that I was looking for peace, bliss and satisfaction in this supposed state of perfection. But life is not like that there is struggle and billions of other things, and they all affect each other like that movie the butterfly effect which I have not seen.

Sometimes when we rest in a cool comfortable bed and the surroundings are just right it feels as if things are perfect but in reality they can’t be in that moment, because that is just a fleeting experience and those experiences just imitate a false illusion of what we learned perfection should be. It would be more honest to say that this feels comfortable and I have no desires but resting  right here and now.

In that moment that I was making tea I realized that everything is happening and affecting everything and that our opinions and feelings are perfect based on what has happened prior to this realization and will continue to be perfect.

What this guru may have been pointing to is that all the horror, bliss, suffering and what ever other nouns, superlatives and adjectives we can think of are perfectly appropriate for the circumstance. And even the desire for things to improve are absolutely perfect as well, and even the desire to take down an oppressive government is perfect and dare I say the holocaust was perfect and children dying are perfect.

Perfection doesn’t mean it feels good or that it is right. To me it means that everything that is happening happens with reason and purpose from the multitudes of phenomena like Hilter being a mediocre artist to Tom Cruise being the greatest scientologist that has ever lived.

Life seems crazy doesn’t it? Doesn’t it seem like everything is backwards like we have lost sight of something really important? It is perfect because we have in many ways.

I think when I was seeking perfection I was looking for the ability to get what I wanted without responsibility for my thoughts, wishes and actions. It takes a tremendous amount of integrity, effort and honesty to be a responsible person in this perfect reality.

Look at the recent phenomena of internet trolls or even the concept of fake news makers these people that do these things want to experience a reality without repercussions or responsibility to reality and truth. They want to experience a life immune from responsibility in hopes that they can outsmart something that is supposedly billions of years old – reality and truth.

To me that is perfection and it all happens without any one individual making it so. It is in perfect accordance with natural laws that govern reality and has everything to do with the truth we all feel inside. And we are so lucky that many of us have not lost that ability.

Many times I live like if I throw a ball up in the air that it should never come down. Many times I expect such phenomena in my life to take place because I wish it to be so. I want things the way I want them without accounting for the multitude of things that are happening and what my real responsibilities are to that desire to manifest.

We want to be rich, famous, taller, skinnier, smarter, wiser and healthier– do we realize what has to happen truthfully for that to take place? Are we willing to take on such a task? Do we know how much effort and time all those things would entail to make happen?

So let’s ask ourselves what is not perfect? The way we feel or think? Are we sure this is not absolutely appropriate for this moment that we are experiencing? It seems that even injustice and horrific personal events do not account for the lack of perfection in our reality.

I don’t want to seem callous about the horrors I described earlier. Just because things are perfect does not remove their sting and that they don’t feel perfect is also perfect. But for me to know that I was only seeing it one very small way allows me to see a bigger perspective of the rolls we play in this immensity. And my heart breaks even more for someone that thinks– “Why did I have to lose them? What is wrong with me that I got sick.” Things like this will hurt us more than help us it seems, and seeing a different perspective can sometimes reorient us to something truer than the delusions we believe to be our reality.

I believe that what I confused perfection with was my desire for a particular outcome without responsibility or accountability for the natural laws of reality.

So yes, things are perfect but we still have lots of work to improve the things that hurt us, for even the desire for things to change is out of an innate wisdom communicating something beyond our current understanding of reality.

We were sold an idea long ago of science and logic to interpret our reality, but do we truly question the mere fact that we live on a planet (an atmospheric rock) in an enormous galaxy of uninhabitable space that exists with conscience beings that evolved from supposed single cell organisms from supposedly two space rocks colliding? Can we recognize how perfectly outrageous this reality matrix is? Are we sure we should conclude that it is all arbitrary meaningless chance that we are here and that nothing is perfect?

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Aron - January 26, 2018

Beautiful. Simply amazing how this ”perfection” experience has just come up for me. Its huge, just like the rest of ”it”.

Thank you for sharing Luis.

Aron - January 27, 2018

Humbled by your strength, and courage these are not simple and easy insights, but beautiful, transformational and necessary.

Sam - January 27, 2018

Yes nicely said. Objectively perfect but a subjective misery at times. Pain is the perfect alarm that tells us something is wrong in the story, & in an objective sense it does that perfectly. But dismiss it or ignore it and chaos ensues. Listen to it and it may hold the wisdom to positive change.

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