The Truth Can Be A Lie

For the last few weeks I have been watching less media programming. I have stopped watching the news all together and gradually lessened my consumption of social justice documentaries amongst many other things.

The reasons being obvious that these pieces of information now feel like a type of coercion, manipulation and dare I say oppression.

By who?

I don’t think it is very obvious who is behind all this. I don’t believe the people that expose the evil doers of the world are totally in on this propaganda but maybe so. For my case in this essay I don’t know if it matters.

One thing that I see in constantly informing ourselves with what is wrong and who is doing it is  that it is damaging to our souls and our personal lives. Does knowing what shitty thing Trump did today solve any of our problems? Are any of us planning a revolution or are we quietly stewing as the next thing is delivered to us in order to discourage us into living the lives we truly desire.

I don’t think the answer is to unplug completely but I think there is room for less information obsession, and there I see an opportunity that is revolutionary. If you can’t change the people in power can we change the way we live amongst the people that have it. I am currently reading Victor Frankl’s book- Man’s Search for meaning and I see that we have the ability to choose meaning and goodness even in the darkest moments. Dr. Frankl’s book is an account of him during the holocaust and finding meaning in the most horrific circumstances.

I think social engineers if there is such a thing have created a new brand for those of us that can’t deal with reality tv and gossip news. The brand for the intellectually minded is now all over the media as the “woke” generation and that will be another thing Nike or Apple will be targeting to us next, if not already. It is for people like me that can’t watch mindless drama, so instead we are given socially provocative documentaries and we are given celebrities like Jordan Peterson to wake us up from our slumbers as we supposedly get closer to what we want.

Now I am not claiming a conspiracy about Dr. Peterson. In fact I think it is worth the time listening to some of the things he has to share. I believe all these people have good intentions, but do the good intentions serve us after we have received their messages? I think it is necessary as we isolate more and more into our technology that we find communities that not only challenge our way of being but also encourage the parts of us we feel disconnected from. To look at technology and media as a tool and not a mode of being is quite revolutionary these days.

I have been guilty of watching one self help guru after another long ago because something still felt off and not right about my life. I don’t think the answer is to totally isolate but definitely taking considerate measures to what we watch and consume is what I am trying to do and I do see the value in some things that expose the underbelly of power and wealth and its insidious corruption. I do see that these documentaries can be inspiring at times to stand up for ourselves and to tell the truth in our own lives and there I find them to be extremely valuable.

I am experimenting with myself for the next few weeks. Can I just dip my toes and not become consumed by IT again? That is my experiment– what will become of me the less I participate in the propaganda machine that I am in love with…

Yes love might not be the right word but for me sometimes the sheer giddiness of the next horrendous story that finally promises to expose these crooked monsters that run our world is exciting and horrific all at once. I think for me I feel the rush of knowing the truth and that finally someone sees what I have felt in my heart this whole time.

It seems somewhat clear that I am going deeper into something I did not imagine or want. To be free of conditioning is like falling and it takes a tremendous amount of responsibility and self authorship to willingly go through it. I thought I wanted pleasure and yet here I am choosing something other and unimaginable.

Can I do it? What is left when I am alone for weeks without the next story to hook me?

Am I retreating into a type of isolation because the world doesn’t reflect what I feel inside?

The answer is I don’t know? But I am willing to try and see what happens and report back with my findings.

What are we all searching for? Maybe it is right here– our lives waiting to finally be seen and lived.

To know that we can live and stand on our own from all that we have learned is the gift we were all seeking it seems and here it is.

Can we do it?

We do not have to become monks on a mountain but we can become more responsible for the lives we lead and disconnecting from much of the content that is given to us in service of the truth is also seeing when “they” use the truth to fool us into delaying our self autonomy.

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Sam - January 30, 2018 Reply

Hmm yeh I agree. I have discovered JP quite recently and already find myself watching all his videos and reading his books. But I guess the REAL message he is giving isn’t to sell books… well maybe it is. But I think the thing to take notice of is why he interests me. He is clearly passionate about his career, which I am not. He has drive to achieve goals, which I don’t do. He has a clear sense of self identity (IMO), which I also lack.

I assume he most probably achieved these things through self reflection on his values and memories and going over and over again through studying himself in a sense. I assume this because of his ‘self-authoring’ programme which he also sells online. I thought it was a fantastic idea and was going to do my own version of this through writing, but I keep putting it off for watching other videos. It is like an addiction, and even now I have received a message I agree with to go and do something more beneficial I cannot stop myself searching. Always looking outside of myself. When I need to start looking inward and really reevaluate my life. Thanks Luis

Bernie - January 31, 2018 Reply

I am glad to hear this! I had stopped listening to the show, because I found it was too caught up in these propagandized topics, with an illusion of uncovering knowledge while actually IMO just getting caught up in a different flavor of propaganda. The world is much larger than any of these stories, but I know how easy it is to get lost in them; I’ve done it plenty too. Probably none of us are ever completely free of them, and there’s no reason to think we should be, but whenever you notice one has a real grip on you, it’s a good opportunity to take a break. Or indulge till it makes you puke!! And then take a break. Basically, same as non-duality and the usual illusions, the usual suspects. Just another layer of story.

Dave - January 31, 2018 Reply

I’ve been going through a similar revision of my viewing habits of late. It’s almost as if one can watch endless servings of commentaries presented in an apparently objective and non-ideological fashion, but there comes a point at which an inner voice calls “OKAY, I GET THE POINT” as if continued viewing only serves to reinforce the “red pill” moment at which one realised all was not as it seemed. I kind of did the same with the “post-spiritual” territory (including your early vids) as well as “post-nutritional obsession” territory, something like waking up from a dream and then trying to reinforce a particular sense of having woken up. Perhaps there is something of value in looking around at the newly revealed territory, but it seems at some point we need to move on and stay open to any new things that might be waiting to reveal themselves, such as noticing the tendency to reinforce new insights through over-indulging in such reinforcing behaviors.
For what it’s worth, I’ve enjoyed sticking to just one or two things, such as watching Jordan Peterson’s personality lectures, or Academy of Ideas videos, with the refreshing sense of being open to learning a thing or two, and also getting back to a bit of good old fashioned reading.

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