Episode 67 “Stranger Things”

My world is getting really strange lately and needless to say the end of this episode has a high cringe factor for me, but that is my job on the show – tell the truth. This is probably one of my favorite episodes that we’ve recorded. I was going to name the episode Ghost Dad, but Bill Cosby made a movie with the same title and it didnt feel right. Enjoy!



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Nils - January 11, 2018 Reply

A few episodes back Louis brought up this inner space we call faith . I think this episode reflects back
to that. What exactly do we have choice about, and what is scripted ? What of the structure do we understand and leave be, what do we move to endorse change ? Everything is the only one event to happen ever because whatever this is, it doesn’t repeat; and yet it’s whole. Somehow I, and we have to
balance an outside material world with an inside psychological world of wild potential. Then this is where the notion of faith arises because the desire to balance the just said opposing worlds is driven by an engine that speaks yet of another even greater world.
What a mystery faith is.. and how fragile it is when my personal mind intercedes in the content of how this mystery is trying to direct me.
And the need to mention, how crushing it is just crawling on the fringes of Love.
This was a wonderful dialogue to take in !

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