Episode 66 “Kick Her In The What?”

In part of this episode Joey and I speak about Dave Chapelle’s new comedy special on Netflix. I highly recommend watching both parts of the special but I also understand some people can’t watch stuff like this. It is an unflinching look at a person speaking his mind with raw honesty. He shows us where we came from in a sense, and where we are headed and why many things are the way they are. I believe in the next decade or so this type of person will not be allowed to speak in mainstream culture. I don’t necessarily agree with everything Dave says but I admire his courage and unique approach  to speaking on the human condition. I think that we are approaching a very “sanitized” and polished version of reality and it makes me sad to see us losing a sense of raw honesty that I think at times is exactly what we need to hear.

And it is what I try to bring to our show in my own way.

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