Episode 48 “The Road To Tyranny”

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Kelly - June 30, 2017

Was wondering if u guys ever heard
Of Dr David R Hawkins ( he’d dead now)
He has a u tube clip called The final Run ,,,, Its about the final stage of running around in the world , like when you give up on the every day life I’d be interested to
Hear what u thought , if Not what ever,,
If you talk about it even in the ball park
Of what he’s talking about , I’ll understand, ,
Doesn’t matter what ever

Enjoy listening to u guys yaber
But he talks about becoming one
With the god.
Do u think that is all bull shit

Kely - June 30, 2017

Ok I just listened to the rest of road to tyranny, and you touch on it , about being
Your self in our true nature. , like excepting all the shit in our personality. And it being
Ok to be your shit self ,,,,like joey said about his father in law ,,,,,,,,,,alrighty.

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