We are Joey Lott and Luis Campos. Each week we bring you new episodes and blogs of provocative and unique content, designed to make you look at your life a little differently.

We take a genuine look at what’s really going on in the world and ourselves, what matters, what's bullshit, and can we all find in ourselves what’s true to us? (not other people’s version of truth to adopt it so we can be like them).

We explore waking up from "reality". We're listening more to our hearts and less to our minds, inspiring you to be yourself; honest, vulnerable and alive, and poking fun at how seriously we can all take life.

“The magic of the show for me is that I don’t know what is happening and it feels so alive (electric) and not remotely dead; to me it is on the edge of the very things we are speaking about. I love the idea of risk and vulnerability because it is there where fear seems to be real and shows me that fear is learned and to trust in the wildness of it all seems worth the risk.

It seems every day I am unknowingly driven to a very human place where all the self concepts and censoring to protect this idea of myself fall apart. And the show is my expression of that.

Thank you for being of part of this and reading this.”

- Luis Campos