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Cop Killer – Killer Cops – Resources for Upcoming Show

Luis and I just recorded an episode about police violence, racial discrimination, Black Lives Matter, etc.

Here are some of the resources we refer to in the episode.

Here’s an interview with Larry Elder about Black Lives Matter, affirmative action, racism, and related topics.

Here’s an episode of This American Life that deals with police violence and racism.

Part 1:

Part 2:

An article with some statistics published on Ben Shapiro’s The Daily Wire:

Here’s David Pakman’s somewhat balanced (though left-leaning) video that provides an interesting perspective right after reading the previous article:

Here’s a piece about the difficulty of recruiting Black police officers:

And here’s an interesting Joe Rogan podcast episode with Michael Malice that we refer to. Luis liked the bit at 48 minutes where Michael talks about government by science as leading to Nazi Germany. (After 50 minutes, the interview degenerates badly)

Where and What is Consciousness?

The exchange below will be a topic explored in an upcoming episode. Thank you to Donald for the suggestion. I am using the name Donald because I did not ask permission to use his real name.


Read below:

D- Hey guys I have a question for you.
If all matter in the universe is pure consciousness and that pure consciousness is the core of who I am, then what about things like houses or cars? Things. Are they also pure consciousness? How do they fit into non duality?
I see a dog and thinking arises that I’m the same thing at my core as the dog is at its core. But then i see a car parked in a street. What is a car? Or a bridge? Or a tower?

L- I have never understood how people assume or believe that everything is consciousness!

How could we know? A thought is not enough evidence and even the experience of something like that is also not enough evidence.

To me it could be said that everything is God or emptiness. To me it is all a way to get people to hold their ground in something that I see is not truly possible but imagined.

The greatest relief and disappointment many of us seem to experience is that we will never know what anything is. A thought is a such a small indicator and yet seems the only thing we can offer each other and of course words (sounded thoughts) to quell our desperation to know.

Do you believe everything is consciousness?

How would you know?

D- Ok i see what you’re saying. Thats valid. Thats also ‘your’ belief from your own deductions. You’re free to hold that view. Nothing wrong with that. Can you tell me then who you are? If you’re not the body or mind then who or what are you? 

Are you implying that you know better than the Upanishads or Buddha, who say consciousness is the field we’re in and we are also that field at our core? 
How do you know that consciousness isn’t everything?
Second email from D before my last response:

Actually man you know what? You’re absolutely right. No one knows. That’s an absolute fact that i can’t dispute. So i guess I’ll just keep doing what i enjoy. You really know how to get a guy thinking. 

Thanks Luis ☺

L- It could be they are right, but I don’t get to know from my perspective or thought deductions.

I think all that Buddhist stuff is just like any other thing. Man made over glorification systems (like non duality ends up being that too). Religion in my opinion serves a few purposes (add oversimplification eye roll here). First is the belief that one species is superior through its unique understanding of the universe even though a lot of it is imagined. Another is that an individual creates a hierarchy with this understanding amongst master and slave relationships. It takes this supposed understanding and it creates class structures like student and guru and of course that creates laws, order, and societal customs. In other words modern civilization does not exist without thought systems and beliefs being enacted as truth.
The benefits of religion like compassion, love and community seem to get lost many times when a belief system is adopted by an individual’s cognitive understanding of the way the world works. People are already free and interconnected prior to understanding or adopting anything as true or free.
It is in the acquisition of knowledge in my humble opinion that we become imprisoned emotionally and psychologically. We can’t go back to an imagined state prior to that called freedom so therefore all we have is systems like religion, science and philosophy that seem to offer us alternative “truth” realities.
But for me I see it is all imagined- the problem, the solution or the discovery…
As far as who am I. I have no idea. All I can muster is thought so maybe I’m just a thought. This body does not seem to be mine even though an idea (belief) claims me every day.
It seems of no “real” use for me to dwell on such matters anymore, and yet it sure is fun to play with it all.

Thank you!

PS- I will also say that in the past few weeks I have thought more and more about these ideas even though there is no certainty or truth we do have to live as if there is subjective truth. For example I believe torture and violence are things that we do have to address quite seriously as if they are true and real and in that I am shown the humility to any position that I hold in this world. In the end — every conversation and every thought and feeling somehow is addressing that we humans are suffering in a myriad of ways and all we do is try to address those things in an infinite amount of ways.
For me the humility of not knowing does not mean we are left empty with out anything but to me it is more of an openness to what is being revealed to us moment by moment without certainty and that seems to be the truest place I have access to within myself. The desire to be free of suffering is at the very essence of being human but for me I know suffering will come and go as it always has just like things die all the time. We will not be excluded from certain experiences no matter what ideologies we hold to be true it seems to me, and in that sharing of that understanding there seems to be connection and a little relief and that is all I have to offer you.

“Race Wars” – Online Resources for More Information about Our Upcoming Episode

Luis and I recorded an episode yesterday about racism. It is titled “Race Wars”, and we’ll post it in the coming weeks.

For those interested, here’s a list of some of the resources that Luis and I used and refer to in the episode.

Richard Spencer is the head of the National Policy Institute, which is an alt-right “think tank”. He’s the guy who coined the term “alt-right”, and he’s frequently called a “white supremacist” by the “liberal media”.  In so doing, I believe the media is empowering him and making themselves look foolish, because Spencer comes across as intelligent, witty, and cool-headed while most of his interviewers/interrogators come across (to me) as, somewhat ironically, bigoted.

Richard Spencer interview on news program day after his Trump victory speech.

Sam Harris interviews Charles Murray, the author of The Bell Curve, about racial differences in IQ:

YouTuber, Roaming Millennial’s three-part interview with Richard Spencer:


The Origins of White Man talk given at a National Policy Intitute meeting by Professor MacDonald:


Islamophobia, Muslim Rape Gangs, & Islamafication

Luis and I are going to record an episode broadly about Islamophobia/Islamafication.

Obviously, this is a sensitive topic these days. It’s complex. It’s messy.

And, apparently, it has real consequences in some people’s lives.

Here are some of the resources on the subject that I sent to Luis recently to view/read.

First, here’s a video about a woman in the UK who was raped by a group of Syrian, Muslim men. So far, the men appear to be being protected by law enforcement despite pretty substantial evidence against them, including DNA evidence.

The guy who put together that first video – a guy who goes by the name Tommy Robinson – is viewed by some as a controversial figure. This video gives a better perspective of where he’s coming from:

Here’s an article on Wikipedia about one of the “child sex abuse” incidents in the UK, which was perpetrated by Muslim men.

Here’s another article about another similar child sex abuse “gang” in the UK. Again, Muslim men.

Here’s an article from the conservative American Thinker discussing the issue of “grooming gangs” and Sharia law:

And here’s an article on Wikipedia about the 2015/2016 New Years Eve events of mass sexual assault on women in Germany by men from the Muslim majority countries.

Here’s another video worth watching:

If you have anything you’d like to add to this discussion, please do so in the comments or by email.