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Shit Town

Joey and I will be doing a show about this podcast soon.  If you are interested please click the link below. I think it is a story that has great metaphor for so much of what is happening globally and personally in many of our lives. It is also available on ITunes. Please, in the comments below do not give any of it away for the audience members that have not had a chance to finish it.





From The End Of The World

I had my daughter visiting with us this weekend and she is not your typical 19 year old in many ways. She has amazing insight and wisdom for someone her age. I was far from being anything like her at that age. I was just a few years older than her now when she was born and I was filled with many delusions and so much hope. None of the things I desired or believed actually came true. Strange that I thought most of my life would mimic my desires and hopes when my life has never been that way. I still wonder in bewilderment when I hear people accomplishing their supposed “dreams” and what that must be like.

My daughter and I spoke of the many things going on in both our lives this weekend from the personal good to the global bad. We were both saddened and disheartened with the current state of the world from the many bombings around the world, to public shootings, to the recent pollution and the enourmous fish die off that Florida is experiencing currently.

The pollution in the gulf coast is not truly being talked about in the maintream media or in the local news very much I imagine due to the fact that it affects tourism and many other secondary economic markets. We are seeing many things this year that we have never seen before and we have many local witnesses in our area that can attest to the current decrepitude we are experiencing.

I see metaphor all around us with everything that is happening on a global scale. It seems we are not really getting to the heart of the matter with many of the global affairs that we hear and read reports about. We speak of human rights many times but most times it is the world’s resources and economic growth that we are after. Many times the human toll takes a back seat to the ideologies that causes countries to engage in such conflicts and take overs.

No matter what is happening in our world around us economics seems to play the essential role and the solution to the many woes of this world. Problems in the world today cannot be resolved by our actions and beliefs, but through our wallets first it seems. The only thing we constantly all rely on for change these days is economics. To change any behavior, thought or political system we have to talk about the economics of it first. We do not live in a world that people’s behaviors make global changes, instead it is economics that first has to be acquired to see anything legitimized as globally acceptable or socially necessary. Our behaviors and thoughts many times have to be coerced economically before we justify many of the world’s actions that we enact.

And I can already hear the backlash from saying something like this. We are surrounded by violent optimism it seems to me. People say, “Things will get better, all we have to do is enact what we want to see in this world. We need to take action! But first, let’s raise money for such causes.”

But after speaking with my daughter this weekend that is studying to be a marine biologist, she said something that really shook me. She said, “We live in world that still doesn’t want to truly acknowledge that there are inherently evil people in control of the world. None of what is being done will solve the cyclical nature of this violence and inherent self destruction.” I will also say she does believe change is coming and that science will provide part of that relief. I of course respectfully disagreed.

I am paraphrasing what she said but the message came at me like a shot to the heart.

In the last few years I just see endless amounts of ignorance and lack of self reflection in all of our lives. And yes some things are better and some things are worse and yet some are the same, blah blah blah.

I am convinced today that the only thing we really can do as individuals is to reflect on our own behaviors and thoughts with our fellow humans and try to be honest about it. This constant desire to change large groups of people is creating more divisiveness and violence in my opinion. It is too late to change the world it seems. It is too late to wake everyone one up. It is too late to perfect ourselves. It is too late to get billions to see it one way. So with that extremely sad and pessimistic view I am left with my only option — compassion to the failure of it all.

I do not see the world so black or white, it is not this or that, it is nuanced and some things we cannot permit no matter how hopeless things get, but it is that argument that keeps us on the progress/evolutionary treadmill that I believe is a totally barbaric fantasy that is hurting us instead of serving us.

It is not popular or socially acceptable to be absolutely hopeless in this world because in that hopelessness it seems nothing can be sold to us. We won’t take up another empty pipe dream that leaves us desperately wanting more of the imaginary perfection that is always on offer. But with this recent hopelessness I feel not unemporwered but responsible for myself in this very moment, not in the future but right here and now. I am not going to fix this, but I can stop believing in a future sense that is better than now. This hopelessness reveals to me a possibility of being more compassionate and generous on this sinking ship.

Don’t believe me that this is a better way. Spirituality is littered with this message and so is religion and politics while things seems to be getting worse. Everyone of us is being bombarded with this message as the world asks for another dollar for their cause even us at Completely Ordinary do such nonsense. We may come to know very soon that our humanity is the only currency left in this shit box. Who knows?

“Let’s be there for each other as the waters rise around our necks. Let us finally stop dividing ourselves up with the righteousness of ourselves.” But, we all know that wont ever be! Someone will get bent and pipe up and they will rally more fools to do this or that, instead of letting people be just be themselves. I will keep living the life I did before this realization but it feels good to admit it. To finally call myself out and stop pretending everything is ok or getting better. It is so royally fucked up that it seems a billion geniuses couldn’t fix this shit now. It seems that it is ok even though it totally is not. There is a line to the moon of fools that believe they will make things better. And yes I am a fool for even publishing this.

This is not a discussion or an argument of me trying to convince anyone of this nonsense. If I am right or wrong it doesn’t ultimately matter. Just like it doesn’t matter if our leaders are wrong or right they keep doing bad things it seems, even as half the people think it is good and the other half believe it is bad. Imagine a world without wrong or right but just all of it happening without consideration of a morality we were taught to believe that no longer serves us. That is happening right now.

We all have these feelings that something is wrong or right but do we have the courage to feel these feelings even if they are not true either way? That is what I am curious about in writing this.

I believe the cruelty and violence we are experiencing happens in the desire to mob up and become something bigger than we actually are. We put people up on pedestals to only serve our individuation. Our individuality does not seem to be the gift that advertisers proclaim is so special about us, instead it keeps us from organizing together holistically. Anyone with a message these days automatically becomes a celebrity and we miss the words and actions that may inform us to be more balanced and responsible of our behaviors. We quickly dispose of people that do no promote our personal individuations and all we have now is individuals. The cult of self is alive and well because it is the best economic model for the powers that be.

I do believe many of the things we are seeing today are the death screams of a world realizing what it has done to itself. Go anywhere and pay attention there is a tenseness we are not acknowledging. There is a distrust all around us. There is fear being pumped through every orifice the world has. Yes there are moments that our beautiful humanity reflects something different and it seems to be an absolute miracle when it happens. We want to preserve that like a small emberred fire in our million mile journey through this world, but few people realize what is truly at stake.  We lost a possibility. We lost something that could have been a gift and instead became a burden that all of us are enslaved to now.

Those that adapt and promote the progress of this one THING will do quite nicely in this environment while those few sane voices scream of the horrors of this world will be murdered, die unheard or be ignored forever. Those that do not serve the ONE TRUE OBJECTIVE  will be disposed of through any means necessary. That is obvious all around us.

There is something really scary about me writing this and I have not totally fleshed it out but I imagine it is like looking over the railing of a very tall building and for an instance the desire to jump is so strong that one is terrified that something inside of us could actually want such a thing.

I feel many of the people that are running this world must be going with that impulse because the overwhelming insanity that I see makes no sense and yet it is there.