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Sex and Pornography

I have been interested for sometime in doing an episode about sex and pornography. It is a touchy subject and one I rarely see confronted with crude sincerity.

I myself struggled with a mild addiction to pornography for many years and have spoken to many people that have had similar issues. Pornography has had many negative effects on my life and also for many people that I have spoken with. The issues range from lack of intimacy with our partners to shameful behaviors that quietly leave us suffering silently in a virtual world of nudity and leaving us feeing a lack of connection even to our own feelings and to our partners desires.

In this episode I hope to cover a wide spectrum of issues from fetishes to tantric sex. I would like to address these things in one or two episodes and would love to get some feed back before we record this. If you have suggestions or questions for the episode that you would like to see addressed on the show please let us know. Please send us an email if you want to keep it private to

Thank you for your participation,


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Episode 21 “Bitcoin”

Description: Joey explains bitcoins, Luis explains bitcoin mining, money talk, emotional revolution, Joey tries to break up with Luis ;), economic collapse, Looking for new guests, Luis has to get over it.

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Episode 19 “Digging Our Heels In”

Description: Luis’ health update, fundamentalism, pragmatism, dogmatism, parenting, the vagal response.

We have recently changed our programming schedule to twice a week. Usually programs will be available Mondays and Fridays 12 pm EST. This episode is available now due to some traveling that Luis is doing and Joey is in the process of moving. Thank you for you support and patience as we find our rhythm!


Instituions Of Excellence

My wife is going back to school and as she was registering for classes yesterday she became aware that she had a financial aid fee that she is required to pay prior to starting classes. She inquired about this fee via email and was confused by it because she was not using any financial aid to pay for her schooling. The school insisted that it is a fee they charge all of their students even though some may not be using financial aid. What was almost ironic was that the students on financial aid would be paying the financial aid fee with their aid. The other students just had to pay out of pocket for something they were not using.

My wife emailed me a copy of her email inquiring about the fee and their reply. I replied back to my wife as if I were the school explaining in detail some more of the fee structure.

Dear Mrs. D,

Thank you for your question about our fee structure. Hopefully we are answering all your questions in a timely manner. Please be advised of our recent addendum to our fees structure, a lot of this information can be found in your welcome packet. Below is a quick synopsis of things pertaining to your previous question about fees.

Even though we are not an airlines if you bring anything resembling a bag to our school we consider that a security threat and therefore those bags have to be inspected and assessed. After those bags are examined if we find anything resembling a book containing similar words to the books we have in our library, a library fee is administered to each student in possession of books that have words resembling the ones in our library.

If we find many of these books in your possession to be too similar to our books you may be fined and put under review because we have found similar words in books to be threatening to our curriculum. At this time we cannot disclose these words to our students but just be aware that there is a committee that delegates such “security breaches” on school grounds.

The review fee is to be paid by all of our students at the beginning of the semester and then refunded back after they have completed the obstacle course and they have received a diploma from this institution. In order to receive the diploma it has to be printed and notarized in our office, this fee is $99 dollars and required for all students to be considered graduated.

Please be aware that if you are ever on financial aid this fee is waived but taxed at the end of the semester. The fees vary depending on the student’s performance and the amount of times the student’s body enters our institution’s buildings.

We will be offering every student an ID card that can track book purchases and your whereabouts in the school. Please be sure to always have your card with you at all times. If this card is lost or stolen the school will gladly reissue a card for $25 dollars. This is not covered under financial aid and must be paid immediately to avoid late charges and lapse in student monitoring.

Students that cannot be monitored while in the school will be deemed to be trespassing and are in violation of the ethical standards contract you signed prior to being accepted into the school. This document was part of your application packet you sent in for acceptance.

Many of things addressed in this letter can be reviewed in the student handbook and we do have counselors that can meet with you about any concerns.

We look forward to having you with us this year. Student excellence is our goal and the only way to be successful.


Arnold Dumplerman

Dean of Student Affairs and Secure Student Wellness Coordinator


Secret Societies (in Plain View)

Luis and I want to try something new.

We’re going to try posting topics for new episodes here on the blog before we record them.

We’d love to hear from you in the comments about your ideas and stories related to the themes.

The topic for this post (and upcoming episode) is secret societies (in plain view).

Luis and I were talking the other day, and the conversation sparked this realization that I have participated in secret societies in my life without recognizing them as such.

One example is an organization within an organization. When I was a kid, I was a Boy Scout. One year I was initiated into an organization within the Boy Scouts called Order of the Arrow. I would classify it as a secret society (in plain view).

Another example is that I once was initiated into Transcendental Meditation. I was given a mantra (after I paid for it, of course), and told that it had, essentially, magical powers as long as I kept it secret.

That’s two examples.

To me, a secret society is not necessarily one that is, itself, a secret. But one that has secrets. It is exclusive.

What are your thoughts, your stories, your experiences with secret societies?

Please let us know.